Pinko Rig
2 Fishy 1 Time Rig
Irish Rig 2
Doormat Slayer Rig2
White Assassin Rig
Sure Thing Rig
Basic Rig
Headhunter Rig
Bite Me Rig BLACK
Blue Skull Rig DARKER
Charink Rig
Purple Pleasure Rig
Wacko Rig
Rainbow Rig
Eat Me Rig
Squid Skirt Rig - pinker
Italian Rig green thread
Super Glow Rig light no grub
White Devil Rig
Las Vegas Rig PINK
Halloween Rig
Yankees Rig darker
Glow Squid Rig light
Patriot Rig
Pink Ladies Rig
Voodoo Rig black teaser
Squidward Rig2
Super Glow Rig light no grub


"My Doormat Fluke Rigs® have proven time and time again that they work!!

I have won countless boat pools and have sold my rigs to others that have won as well!

With 10 double digit fluke in an 8 year span, I've proved my rigs work great!!
The only downfall is that I've been beaten by my own customers and that hurts -
(except sales are better than ever)!



My Doormat Fluke Rigs® are custom designed and 100% hand tied by me personally.
I make many different styles and combinations and they all work great!
Even though they may be quite appealing to the 'human' eye,
the fluke seem to like them too!



Try a rig out and I'm sure you'll be back for more!!!!"



*** Custom Rigs available upon request!




- Chris

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