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Here are just a few of my MANY Testimonials....



Hi Chris. I just ordered 10 of your fluke rigs.  My husband has one and he's catching so many BIG fluke!

I want one, and we want lots of extras!  Can you give me an indication of how soon they might ship out?

Needless to say, we're very anxious to get these.

Thanks so much!!

-- Jeanine Hammond

Rhode Island


"Winning the pool was second nature to me until Chris came along with his Doormat Fluke Rig.  Even five pools later I refused
to believe that a handmade rig could be the reason for his repeated catches.  I decided to give the Doormat Fluke Rig a
try and I've been winning pool after pool ever since (when he's not around).  Don't make the same mistake I did.
The Doormat Rig is money well spent.  You've got a great product."
-- Peter "Fishpot" Schwarz
Babylon, NY



"I was wondering why this guy was catching so many more fish than everyone else on
the boat and I couldn't even get a bite.  I saw he was selling his rigs in-between
drifts, so I bought one for five bucks and had the mate put it on.
I later caught a 9 lb fluke and beat Chris' little 6 lber for the boat pool.  Sorry Chris ;) "
-- Nancy Tucker
from the 'Lazybones' in Montauk



"I used your rigs for the first time today, and I want to compliment you very much for a superior product. Your Pink Lady rig

helped me get a limit of fluke today on the Shinnecock Star, including two fish over 5 lbs.
Yes, they're not true 'doormats', but I had a terrific day of quality fluking,thanks in no small part to your great creation!

Keep up the good work, and best of luck to you!
-- Jason
Massapequa Park, NY



"Chris...Thanks again for getting my order out on time for my trip to Montauk...

My family and I caught lots of keepahs on your rigs...."
-- Tight Lines David Harrison
Marietta, GA



-- JOE V.
Howard Beach, NY



"Hey Chris, just wanted to say thanks for getting me the rigs so fast. They are definitely living up to the reputation. Thanks again,"
-- Jim
Hicksville, NY



"Chris, I went on a fluke trip last Friday.  The boat didn't do that well.  Of the group of 8 that went with me, we got 6 to keep.

2 of us were using your rigs and we each had a keeper.
They were the 2 biggest of those 6.  My fish was 2nd biggest in the pool."
-- Kyle Dreibelbies
Allentown, PA



"Hello Chris, My name is Russ Dzielak and last year I purchased rigs from you. I want to tell you I had great success with them.
I used them on the Frances Fleet in R.I. and won the pool with a 6lb. slab!... Thank you,"
-- Russ
East Harland, CT



"Caught the second biggest keeper on the boat. There were only 5 keepers. I had a 22" 3.75 lbs Fluke on your Sure Thing rig.

Had a ton of non keepers.  I just wanted to thank you and I will be buying more rigs from you. Thanks"
-- Tim Petrou
Manorville, NY



"Chris, What an amazing trip... slayed fish for 16 hours straight over 2 days. 3 of us caught over 300 fluke.

We won the pool on the 2nd day with a 10.6 we also has a 10.2 on day 1.
majority of our fluke with 7 plus pounds. Rigs were amazing.  Thanks Bud!"
-- Joseph Niedzwiecki
Staten Island, NY



"Good Afternoon Chris, if you check your records I have been ordering from you for a few years now! Your rigs are by far the best of the best I have ever fished with
and caught a 11.7 ounce Doormat last year on the neat lady head boat out of onset Mass to prove it!
Ask captain Chris, although I know you believe me! I have recently placed another order and was wondering if you could send them out ASAP!
There are still some NON BELIEVERS out there I want to laugh at them for thinking you rigs didn't have what it takes!

... It was weighed off the Sagamore bridge in Mass! They are a licensed state weigh in station.
I also got a citation from Mass for that 11.7lb Doormat, caught on your White Devil Rig!
Fisherman may lie, but I don't nor do the results of your rigs!
Thank You,"
--Anthony Elliott
Plymouth, MASS



"Hey Chris, I red some of your comments on your website.. This is my second round of rigs. First day out.......Limitted out with 8 fish including 2 8lb fish.
3 trips this year and 3 limits.... Sorry no photos....No time for that stuff when I am fishing. Just wanted to say thanks."
--Jeffrey Ingber
Providence, RI



Hello Chris, Just wanted to give you an update after using your home made rigs.  I caught a 6lb 5oz Fluke on your "Bite me Rig".

I attached a photo of the fish.  This was caught out of the Atlantic Highlands NJ on a private charter with New Penny Gulp and Spearing.

I'll need to order a few more of those rigs! LOL!  Thanks again

--Mike Micholas

West Caldwell, NJ


Hey Chris, fished with you on the bones in May... Caught a beauty 9.5lbs on the south side,

white assassin rigs work great.  I need a few more, you will see my order soon.

--Darby Dent

Teaneck, NJ

Thanks for the awesome rigs Chris! Been killing fluke ever since!!!!!

I notice they just attack these rigs no real nibbling

Others were struggling today on the charter boat, but your rigs work - they were like wtf....caught many big sea bass in the am on them also!

--Justin Skudder

Plainview, NY

Chris, Went out for fluke for the first time this season on Saturday. I tied on one of your rigs and caught a nice fat 21.5 inch fish.

I was the only one out of the five on the boat to catch,and the only one with one of your rigs! I will be ordering more very soon to hand out to my fishing buddies.

--Lorraine Matia

Duncannon, PA

About Me...


 It all started after I caught the largest ever recorded fluke on the CAPT. LOU VII out of Freeport,  LI,  NY using one of my own Doormat Fluke Rigs®.


I had been fluke fishing on the Lou for around 4 years then - religiously - and had become a 'regular' on the boat.  A few days after I caught my largest fluke, I got to the boat early to throw my pole and tackle bag on then headed out to get breakfast before the boat sailed.


When I returned, a new young mate was at the boat entrance and he asked "do you need a pole to fish with?"   I simply replied...

"Do You Know Who I Am?!?".


It had then become a joke on the boat with the other regulars - how could he not know who I was? ... ... I was Mr. 11.25 Pounder!!!

Hence the original name of my site - DoYouKnowWhoIAm?


See the Capt. Lou VII write up of My 11.25lb Fluke here...

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